Jokerscape 508 Command List

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Jokerscape 508 Command List

Post  Joker on Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:34 pm

::lowtrain -Training
::medtrain -Training
::hightrain -Training
::cryptz - Clan Wars Team
::bloodz - Clan Wars Team
::fightcaves - Jad
::edge - 1v1 pking
::wildy - Varrock Pk Multi
::switch 1 For Ancients
::switch 2 For Lunar
:: pickup for some items some are non spawnable
::kbd - King Black Dragon
::Kq - Kalphite Queen
::abbys- Abysall Demons
::theive For Food, Potions Etc.. Steal From Fur Stall For Potions And Fish For Food..
::duel for duel arena to hang out with friends.
::hills for good old pk area
::greendragpk for memory pking Razz
::arenapk for something new lol
::housepk Never seen before lol
::magebank For Old Days Pk
::ardypk for good oldschool pking

---- That's It For Now Will Add More Soon -----
Now Go Enjoy The Server -Joker


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